Sector Based Service

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  • Rexroth Hidrolik

Although the fundamental principals of mobile and industrial hydraulics are same there are differences in the means of circuit elements used on the system , design, system requirements and application principals .Thus the service may vary as industrial and mobile .

Basically, even the both have the same principles, but in terms of products, system design and requirements and applications, the mobile and industrial hydraulic separated from each other.

Ankatech offers you detailed service for both mobile and industrial hydraulic systems and products


Biz Kimiz?

As part of Bosch Rexroth's new service structure, ANKATECH is a Bosch Rexroth Authorized Service Dealer established in İstanbul / ikitelli region and serves all of Turkey. The experience of Burak Çoker, a 14-year Bosch Rexroth Service Engineering and Service Manager from the founding partners of the company, makes ANKATECH, a new brand in the sector, one of the most experienced companies in the sector.

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